Ranguin Ahan

History & About Company

Ranguin Ahan Company (private joint stock) was established in 1983 for the purpose of producing variety of Synthetic Iron Oxides and was put in to operation in 1995 with annual capacity of 1500 tons. In continue the production of Iron Oxide was stopped in 2006 and the production of Molybdenum Oxide with annual capacity of 1500tons started and the exploitation license was received. Since then exporting has become company’s main activity. Ranguin Ahan Company is equipped with different producing facilities including calcination furnace, mill, dryer, leaching and with the help of its experts tries to expand its sale and export markets. This company also has received ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Since 2013 this company tries to obtain Rhenium from emissions of the furnace and the company fully achieved the technical science of obtaining Ammonium Perrhenate and Potassium Perrhenate.
Being obligated to a standard and desirable quality and also being commitment to sale obligations on time are our company’s guiding principles.


Hesam Khoshdel Nikkhoo



Ahmad Aslani

Vice president


Habib Khoshdel Nikkhoo

Managing Director


Farhang Gordan

Product Manager


Masoud Kalantar Majd

Business Manager